Gum disease and COVID-19

Everyone is confused these days- Is there any relation between the gum disease and COVID-19?
The answer is yes .

Gum disease also known as Periodontitis – is accumulation of bacteria between the teeth and gums which causes inflammation ,painful abscesses and ultimately can damage the teeth.
People with periodontitis are more likely to have complications related with COVID-19 .

Now one would like to know what are the causes of periodontitis?
Periodontal disease is caused due to poor oral hygiene, tobacco, smoking , diabetes, medication age , obesity …..

Symptoms of Periodontitis
like Bleeding gums, bad breath, tooth loss happen if left untreated.

Patients with gum disease and COVID-19 show increased level of biomarkers associated with worsened disease outcomes including white blood cell levels, D-dimer or C-reactive protein.
Of course comorbidities are also associated such as diabetes , obesity, aging, hypertension, gender, pregnancy , smoking….etc.
Oral bacteria in patients with periodontitis can be inhaled and infect the lungs, particularly in those using ventilators
This may contribute to the deterioration of patients with covid-19.
Doctors and nursing staff should identify Covid-19 patients with periodontal problems and should use oral antiseptics to reduce the transmission of bacteria.
Oral care should be the part of the health recommendations to reduce the risk of covid-19 outcomes

Treatment of Periodontitis:-

  • Professional dental cleaning twice a year
  • Regular dental check-ups
  • Daily flossing
  • Tongue cleaning
  • Brushing twice a day
  • Gargles

Second wave of covid-19
People are witnessing mucormycosis, a deadly fungal infection affecting the gums, teeth and the perioral area as a post COVID-19 complication
among immunocompromised individuals with poor gum and oral health status
COVID-19 symptom
-systemic inflammation , can also be a symptom of gum disease .
Maintaining oral health can safeguard us from podt COVID-19 complications

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