Dental Implant

Dental implants are artificial tooth roots, which are surgically placed into the jaw bone by the dental surgeon to serve as replacement of teeth. On the top of these surgically placed Dental Implants ,artificial teeth, crowns, bridges or dentures, which may be fixed or removable are attached. Dental implants are an ideal replacement of permanent teeth lost due to dental disease, an injury or some other reason.

In case of traditional teeth replacement , healthy teeth adjacent to the missing ones, are cut down to prepare them for support of a bridge to hold the artificial tooth/ teeth and fill the gap, created by one or more missing teeth. With the advent of time, either due to normal process of wear and tear or a dental disease, if any of the adjacent teeth fails (which happens more often than not), it takes the other teeth with it. This gives rise to many resultant problems in addition to loss of more teeth than were restored. Dental Implants solve this problem and provide the teeth, which last longer and are as good as natural ones.

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